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The BEST Tip to Fight Writer's Block

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

One incredible obstacle as a writer, no matter the genre, no matter the age, nor level of success, struggles with writer's block. Here is the BEST tip I have found to combat those irritating moments of word constipation a.k.a writer's block.

Write, write, write. No matter what your medium; paper or computer. Set a quota for yourself and write. For instance, I struggled with beginning the second book in the series. I felt daily guilt about not progressing the story. I made excuses about not having time. So one day, I told myself to just stop with the self-loathing and write something. So, I set a limit. I will write a minimum of 100 words per day. It didn't matter if all I wrote was "Blah, blah, blah" or "I suck. I want to quit. Why did I start this?"

Well long story short, it worked. I even set a day goal; 100 words every day for 100 days. My productivity skyrocketed. I went from 30,000 words to 70,000 words in a matter of 61 days. That's an average of ~655 per day! That's amazing for someone who works full time, has a family, and occasionally enjoys to eat, shower, and sleep. The best part of it all, is that once I began writing daily, even at a snail's pace, my guilt melted away and my imagination flourished. I could think again. That silly voice in my head telling me I wasn't good enough was muted with the silvery goodness known as duct tape by the other productive/creative voices(Don't worry, they're nice voices...I hope.)

Anyway, if you are looking for a quick, do it yourself, ready to order, one stop shop, one size fits all, move in ready, miracle of a tip? Then simply write, everyday, forever. At the end of the day it will grow into a habit that you will feel happy to have and bad for missing. It will jettison your skill. It takes 10,000 hours or 600,000 minutes to become an expert on something, or so they tell me; the voices. So if you want to break the writer's block, karate chop the crap out of the block, with your head, and write, write, write.

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