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Organic story telling. Book 2 Update

Book 2. Titled, “Forgotten Fathers” is the highly anticipated sequel to, “Soldiers of Fire”. As my readers know, it left everyone on a cliff hanger. I apologize for that. I would have loved to have kept the story going for book 1. However, both my editor and coach advised me to end book 1 grossly open ended. This was to serve as a means to draw readers to grab a hold of the sequel, and to not over do it for my first novel. So, now you know that reasoning.

Anyway, the second book is about half way written. I say “about half way” even though I have technically written over 50% of the planned chapters. I speak cautiously because I know me. I know what I am capable of, and I don’t want to over sell it. If any of you have attempted writing damn near anything you may have noticed that while scribbling your thoughts down more pretty ideas arise. In my case, more populate like Mormon rabbits during my creative process. It’s both wonderful and challenging.

With that floppy eared euphemism in play, you can only imagine that when I write I am connecting the dots from event to event and find other great plot points or details that need exploring. It’s kind of like spelunking. Once I go down one tunnel, I find more. Well, I want to see what’s down there. And my inner Magellan obliges every single time. The grand opulence of organic story telling strikes again, and again, and again… You get the picture.

In essence, it is safe to announce that book 2 will be about twice as big as book 1; that’s 160K words by the way (Give or take 20K). As for when I will be having the cover made? I don’t know. I want to have the first draft completed, the novella released, and possibly be hard into red pen edits before I have the cover commissioned. But time will tell.

As for a release date. I was hoping for a mid-June 2022(Father’s Day. You know, “Don’t Forget your fathers, this father’s day… That kind of bad pitch marketing) release, but again it all depends on other things getting done. So, in the meantime, if it suits you, please send any positive focused thoughts and mojo my way. I would greatly appreciate it.

To sum it up, I absolutely cannot wait for this one to come off the press. This part of the story has been one I have thought about for far too long. So many incredible events take place. The drama that ensues. The plot twists, the new characters, the great battles and epic conflict! I am just too excited…Ah but I must tread wisely. I must take it one step at a time so not to overwhelm myself with all the grand stories in my head. Because to eat an elephant, you must chew one bite at a time, and hope to whoever you call God, that that big ol’ SOB don’t sit on you…

Stay Busy, my friends.

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