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What if...?

Ever since publishing and becoming an author I have been researching ways to get more exposure. However, I struggle with the idea of something so... self-centered. I’ve never felt amazingly comfortable with talking about myself. Standing on metaphoric pedestals to talk about my book series is both irritating and necessary if I want to share my story, but I digress. I believe I may have found a solution that gives me exposure, allows me to learn a skill, and most importantly, provides a service for others. What if... I started a podcast?

The podcast would focus on other authors. Helping new-time and veteran authors get a chance to talk about their books, their insights, expertise, and their journey through life and each person’s unique experiences that led them to writing their books. So, in essence it would be a Q and A, interview type podcast. However, what I really want it to be is a place where the author and I can have real conversations that are both informative and contain depth on every level. Something similar to two or more friends meeting and learning about each other with genuine interest.

This idea of mine comes with its own set of challenges, especially to this technologically constipated individual. I say that with sincere hatred of technology. Maybe hatred is too strong a word, but for many years it has felt right. Anyway, my first obstacle is to procure the necessary equipment and software software, then learn how to actually use all of that. Next, I must be able to find authors to interview(This part may be easier than I think. Given that most authors usually jump at the chance to chat about their art). I need to find the time to prepare, conduct, edit, and upload the Q and As. A daunting task to say the least.

The beautiful part of this idea lies in the resources at my disposal. I am blessed with those in my life who have patience in many areas, including dealing with my impatient butt. For instance, my younger yet much bigger brother has the patience of Mother Teresa when it comes to computers. He has been editing video and audio for more than ten years! In fact, he has his very own podcast that he occasionally produces. So he will be immensely valuable in bridging the learning gap.

When it comes to finding the time...Well that is something I believe I can handle. As some of you may know, I still work full time and am a family man while still doing what I can to write my own fiction series. I have had to learn time management to successfully manage my life. So to start up a podcast and comply with the consistency necessary for a show schedule I will compile names of local authors, schedule and record their interview, edit them, and then hold on to the interviews until the official launch of the podcast. What that will do for me is provide me with a bank of interviews for listeners while giving me time to gather more. This will allow me flexibility while managing a VERY busy lifestyle.

What I am hoping to accomplish with this podcast, if it even comes to fruition(too early to tell), is that I will get exposure as both an author and interviewer. Potentially being sought out by others in the area for my expertise and books. This project will facilitate my knowledge to start producing my own audio-books, which I have always wanted to attempt. Maybe I could do it for others. How cool would that be! Finally, the most important outcome would be to connect with other local authors while promoting them and their messages. A service that I believe to be invaluable. Because when your goal is to help others succeed, you will succeed with them.

Thoughts? Share what you think of the idea in the comments. Thanks for any feedback.

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