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Ryan M. Oliver

Title List

Beasts of Men and Gods Series:

Novella: Gargoyles Gift

Book 1: Soldiers of Fire

Book 2: Forgotten Fathers (1st Draft being edited)

Book 3: Cataclysm (32K words written w/ Lots of notes)

Book 4: Lost Sons (Mostly Notes. Some in my head.)

Book 5: Accursed Souls (Mostly in my head. Some notes.)


Beasts of Men and Gods: The Gargoyle's Gift
A Novella


If you had a vision of the future and could use that knowledge to save others, what would you do?

Experience the world of Ruxar through the eyes of Nestor, the seer, first introduced in Soldiers of Fire. Follow him from childhood on his family farm to his indoctrination in the army. See the wise old man as a young, curious boy growing up in a world of wonder, love, and gargoyles. The Gargoyle’s Gift dives deeply into the breathtaking magic surrounding the bond between mythical beasts and man. Follow this hero to be as he adapts to life’s challenges. How did those challenges mold him? Did he handle them with grace? Or were his lessons hard-learned? Discover the origins of this future revolutionary leader in this coming-of-age tale of love, war, danger, and wisdom.

The Gargoyle’s Gift is a prequel to the Beast of Men of Gods Series. It is both a stand-alone tale and a window into a beloved character from the land of Ruxar.

Beasts of Men and Gods: Soldiers of Fire
Book 1

Released 10/30/2020

Ruxar, a land of men, mythical beasts, and gods lost to the ages. Five kingdoms blissfully ignorant to the cataclysms of war. In a world teeming with hydra, gargoyles, cerberus, and more, one savage ruler of ancient knowledge will raise the curtain to unveil deadly secrets that threaten to rain conflict among old allies. Aedan of Dragonia, in search of answers far from home, finds three allies in Nestor, a man of foresight; Magnus, a town leader, and Aloysius, a young man of confidence. Aedan and his cohort are thrust into a siege that will forge the Soldiers of Fire. Together, they will launch a hellish resistance fraught with treachery, heartbreak, death, and unforeseen potential within themselves. The mission: to alert the countries of Ruxar of a villain in plain sight before they are snuffed out by dangers hidden in the shadows.

To deliver their message of impending threats, the Soldiers of Fire will spread news, both together and apart. Through their encounters with creatures and men, they will learn the true natures of each. Along the way, acts of heroism, scenes of enslavement, moments of daring, and the destruction of towns will teach them that the torch that burns the brightest attracts the most attention. Can the Soldiers of Fire adapt to an evolving world? Can they overcome overwhelming obstacles to fulfill their mission? Or will they be discovered and destroyed before their battle can even begin?

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