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Ryan M. Oliver

Fiction Author & Podcaster


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If you had a vision of the future and could use that knowledge to save others, what would you do?

Experience the world of Ruxar through the eyes of Nestor, the seer, first introduced in Soldiers of Fire. Follow him from childhood on his family farm to his indoctrination in the army. See the wise old man as a young, curious boy growing up in a world of wonder, love, and gargoyles. The Gargoyle’s Gift dives deeply into the breathtaking magic surrounding the bond between mythical beasts and man. Follow this hero to be as he adapts to life’s challenges. How did those challenges mold him? Did he handle them with grace? Or were his lessons hard-learned? Discover the origins of this future revolutionary leader in this coming-of-age tale of love, war, danger, and wisdom.

Gargoyle's Gift Cover.jpg

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About Ryan M. Oliver

Behind the Author

Ryan Oliver is the author of the new fantasy adventure series, “Beast of Men and Gods”. Soldiers of Fire is the first story within this grand fable. Ryan Oliver’s inspiration for writing and storytelling originated from years of studying history and reading great works of fiction. He aspires to improve his craft and bring in wonderful new tales to the world.

Ryan Oliver works as a training instructor with the Department of the Navy, and is aspiring to develop his work as an author, speaker, and coach. Prior to his days within civil service, Ryan worked as a substitute teacher for several years, discovering his passion for education was better seeded in teaching adults. Ryan hopes to continue teaching on other forms throughout his career.

Born and raised in the Kitsap county area of Washington state, he graduated from Bremerton High School. Then completed college, graduating from Central Washington University with a Bachelor's degree in elementary education in 2011. He and his wife, Ashleigh live with their two sons, Lucas and Jackson in Bremerton, Washington.


“An incredible mind. A cross generational epic that will leave you wanting more. Oliver is surely one to keep an eye on as a new fantasy adventure author.”

— Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny