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With The Author

Fun Facts with Devin

Fun Facts with Devin

With Devin Tracy

Follow Devin Tracy as he shares a quick, random facts that he learns in real time. In this case, he talks with author, Ryan Oliver, about his writing process.


Diversion Theory

With Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver discusses movies and TV shows and gives his recommendations to all the lovely people. In this interview, Chris Oliver talks with Author, Ryan Oliver, about the movie, "Kingdom of Heaven" and how it helped inspire him to beginning his fiction series.



With Mike Graver

Follow Mike on Twitch and Facebook as he streams real time game play. This time he talks with Author, Ryan Oliver about his new book, "Beasts of Men and Gods: Soldiers of Fire."


Uplift Kitsap:
Episode 49: Accomplishing Overwhelming Goals

With Kristal Thomas from Heartbeat of Kitsap Podcast

Heartbeat of Kitsap engages in meaningful dialogue and professional development on relevant business topics and the value of living and working on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula.

Across the Fence: A Mighty Podcast

Written by:

Susanne Bacon

Read about Ryan Oliver's author interview show, The Mighty Books Podcast. Ryan is interviewed, and answers questions on the origins, guests, and future of his endeavor to promote authors everywhere.


Unlocking the Writer Within:
Ryan Oliver's Path to Book Writing Success!

Dan Weedin with The Shrimp Tank Podcast interviews Ryan about his writing process, books, podcast, and future coaching ventures.


New Fantasy Novel Full of Mythical Beasts and Forgotten Gods

By Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and award-winning author of The Children of Arthur historical

fantasy series

Ryan M. Oliver’s debut fantasy novel Soldiers of Fire is the first in a proposed five-volume
series titled Beasts of Men and Gods. Lovers of J. R. R. Tolkien, George R. R. Martin, and other
classic fantasy authors will love the world-building, adventure, and humor reflected in every
page of this incredible epic.
The story opens when an elderly man named Nestor has a terrible dream of war coming to
Ruxar, a continent made up of five kingdoms which have lived in peace for as long as anyone
can remember. Nestor soon meets the warrior, Aedan, whom he foresaw in his dream, and
manages to convince him that war is coming to the town of Brédon where they are both
strangers. Sure enough, the neighboring kingdom of Hydraria attacks the town, to everyone’s
astonishment. In creating a resistance, Nestor and Aedan soon establish themselves as leaders in
fighting the enemy, and along with another warrior, Aloysius, they become known as the
“Soldiers of Fire.”
From there, Oliver goes on to tell an enthralling story of secrets and revelations. At first, no one
can believe that war has come to Ruxar. Characters travel to Brédon themselves to witness what
has happened to the town. Nestor, Aedan, and Aloysius commit themselves to spreading the
word to the other kingdoms about the Hydrarians’ hostilities, but they find it difficult to convince
anyone of the dangers.
Oliver deftly handles multiple subplots that arise as the Soldiers of Fire go their separate ways to
warn Ruxar’s people of the danger. Intermixed with their stories are scenes that gradually reveal
the nefarious plans of Ulysses, King of Hydraria, and the motivations that drive him—
motivations that are religious at their source—and shocking to the other characters as they are
gradually revealed.
Add to this mix of chaos and war a series of incredible mythical beasts who are everyday reality
in Ruxar and you are in for an exhilarating adventure. Each kingdom in Ruxar is linked to one of
these powerful beasts—the manticore, the hydra, the cerberus, the gargoyle, and the dragon. The
people of those lands—some more than others—have taken on many of the characteristics of
these beasts. Gargoyles have prophetic visions, and hence, Nestor of Gargolia can see visions.
Aedan is of Dragonia, and slowly, he realizes dragon-like qualities are awakening in him. These
animal traits are little more than hinted at for some of the characters, but their inherent
tendencies will likely be evolved in future books.
Finally, throw in an evil warrior princess who likes to be known as “Blade Maiden” and you
have plenty to love, including characters you love to hate.
The conclusion had me on the edge of my seat as it hinted at the great revelations yet to come in
the series. Fortunately, at the end, Oliver provides a sneak peek into the first chapter of Book 2:
Forgotten Fathers to whet our appetites.
Soldiers of Fire is the start of what looks to be an incredibly entertaining journey through a
fantasy world like none created before. If you love Game of Thrones, Greek mythology, or just
an escape from the real world, you’ll love this new series.
For more information about Ryan M. Oliver and the Beasts of Men and Gods series, visit

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