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A lingering thought on focus. Something to consider when trying to tackle everything the world tries to throw at you.

Shooting skeet. Clay pigeons. You learn to watch the orange disk fly and float. Next, you aim, focus, and shoot. Hopefully, hitting the target. Then a person tries to be funny, throwing two orange disks at once without your knowledge. Your heart races. You want to elevate your skills, tackle the new challenge. Impress the joker. Nullify his last laugh. So you try shooting both. During this split second, you react, shooting before you aim, missing. You reload quickly, and shoot once more. Aiming but looking at both targets instead of one at a time. A half a blink later both clay pigeons are destroyed, but not by your stellar shooting abilities, but by their fragile design, gravity, and the hard ground. If you had focused on just one as planned you would have succeeded in hitting one of the targets. Furthering your skills, saving ammo(energy), and quieting the joker who tried to trip you up. Therefore, if you aim at too many targets, you will hit nothing.

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