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Learning New Skills: Podcast Update.

A couple of weeks ago I had the thought of starting a podcast. It would serve three purposes. One, to teach me how to record, edit, and distribute my own audio-books. Two, to help authors get the word out there about their message. Finally, three, to get some exposure myself. The podcast would be a basic Q and A, interview style showcasing authors as guests. The author and I would discuss their books, and the events or concepts that led to them becoming authors. I want the conversation to feel like a couple of friends catching up over perhaps years of not seeing each other. In my mind, with that type of energy listeners would grasp a great feel for the author and their message. At least that is the hope. I even reached out to an author friend of mine who was thrilled to hear about the potential podcast being produced. She even went as far as to offer herself as the show’s first guest, which I of course accepted. So with that said, earning a bit of interest from a friend, I am fairly confident that I will be able to procure enough authors from just the local area through multiple networks to be featured on my podcast.

At that point, I had established a concept, found a supply of content, and now I just needed to figure out the “HOW” of the project. As stated in a prior post, I am “Technologically constipated”. I simply don’t give a crap about technology. I just want it to work, and have never cared about the details associated with computers. Now I am not completely hopeless, however, I am far from an expert. Being self-aware of my knowledge, I reached out to my younger, yet larger brother(He’s taller than me, and wants everyone to know it. I owe him for helping me.) who was more than happy to oblige my interest in his hobby; video and audio editing.

I arranged a time to meet at his home one night. The plan had been for me to record an interview with him. I would begin to practice my interviewer skills, and we would have a large chunk of audio for me to try my hand at editing. I figured that would be that. Easy peasy. However, as with learning something new, I was rapidly sobered by reality. When I arrived, we engaged in the normal brother banter. This lasted about twenty minutes, and then we went to work. I pulled out my eight year old laptop (I know, sexy, right?) that I had recently acquired from my mother (Thanks mom!). My brother began to then nonchalantly explain the process of turning raw recordings into ready to share podcast episodes.

First, you need a microphone, he would tell me. Okay fair enough. He even sent me a link to the one sitting in the room with us. Only for about $110.00. One of those Blue Yeti types. Second, he went on, I would need software to record. Pretty simple, I told him. He wasn’t finished. You will also require a movie editor, a program to convert the recordings to MP4, a membership to share my podcast to streaming services, a site to acquire background music, a program to make thumbnails, a design for the logo of the podcast, and of course, a name.

After he laid it all out there, I felt a little like abandoning ship. I didn’t, obviously. He reassured me that once I do it once or twice the process is pretty manageable. Like anything, the more times you do it, the easier it is. So, instead of recording a fun trial run interview on my computer we went to work downloading ALL the necessary software and I learned the bare minimum basics to begin using everything for my project(s). Let’s just say that it took another three or four hours until I felt comfortable enough with my understanding to call it a night.

A couple of days later I began setting up my computer to try my hand at recording one of my chapters from my book. I figure it is a good chance to try out my narrator voice. Anyway, utilizing a wide closet with a curtain behind me(I know, tre chic, right?) I was able to produce a half okay mock recording area; hardly a booth, but I’ll take it. Finally, I took the leap, pressed record, and recorded myself narrating the first half of the first chapter of my first novel. Hilariously enough, I had several tongue ties, slip ups, and even some unexpected computer bings that were caught on the microphone. I guess there is more to learn. Anyhow, it still felt great to finally take that first leap into doing something I have only thought of doing.

That's all for now. Until the next update.

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